Classes taught by Jillanna Babb unless otherwise specified. Register: 423.991.9555

Sun Mermaids & Kinderbellies Belly Dance for Kids with KC Elana and Jillanna ~ Aug 6 to Aug 27 ~ 4 weeks/$40 3pm
Sun Repertoire-a-Rama: 18 Choreographed Dances plus Warm up/Cool down ~ June 25 to Aug 13 ~ Drop in for $10 4pm
Mon Beginner Belly Dance Technique & Choreography ~ Aug 7 to Sept 18 (skips 9/4) ~ 6 weeks/$60 ~ 6 weeks/$60 6:30pm
Mon Belly Dance: Drum Solo & Rhythms Intensive ~ Aug 28 to Oct 9 (skips 9/4) ~ 6 weeks/$60 ~ Class includes techniques such as layering moves: shimmy layers; maximizing shimmies; arm technique; artistic concepts as applied to faster dances; study of several rhythms and ways to respond (both traditional and fresh); dancer/drummer communication tips for using recorded music (while maintaining improvisational-style spontaneity); a fun drum solo choreography; and more. 7:30pm
Mon Egyptian Saidi Cane Dance for Intermediate/Advanced Level ~ Aug 14 to Oct 2 (skips 9/4) ~ 7 weeks/$70 ~ Class includes cultural & historical information about Saidi dance, assaya (cane), and Tahtib; rhythms and technique for Saidi dance; how to dance with a cane Saidi style; cane use in other styles of belly dance; audience interaction and improvisation with a cane; and a sassy choreography with cane. This is an advanced class. You will need to purchase a cane. 8:30pm
Tues Belly Dance: Drum Solo & Rhythms Intensive ~ Aug 15 to Sept 19 ~ 6 weeks/$60 7:30pm
Tues Heavy Metal Belly Dance ~ Sept 26 to Nov 21 (skips 10/31) ~ 8 weeks/$80 7:30pm
Tues Corpsewax Dollies Choreography ~ Aug 1 to Sept 5 ~ 6 weeks/$60 Troupe Members Only 8:30pm
Wed Beginner Belly Dance Technique Intensive ~ July 26 to Aug 16 ~ Special: 4 weeks/$20 6:30pm
Wed Beyond Beginner: Hula & Tahitian Workout ~ Aug 9 to Aug 30 ~ 4 weeks/$40 7:30pm
Wed Fusion Belly Dance: Autumn Broom Choreography ~ Aug 16 to Sept 20 ~ 6 weeks/$60 8:30pm
Thurs Morning Class! Belly Dance Technique & Veil Dance Choreography ~ Aug 3 to Sept 7 ~ 6 weeks/$60 10:30am
Thurs Yoga with Leslie Vincent ~ On-Going ~ $12 drop in 6:30pm to 7:45pm
Thurs Rock-n-Roll Blues Burlesque Choreography with Dawn-Marie ~ July 27 to Sept 14 ~ 8 weeks/$80 8pm
Thurs Halloween Burlesque Choreography with Ms Lucy LeMons ~ Aug 31 to Oct 5 ~ 6 weeks/$60 9pm
Fri Twin Peaks Extravaganza Begins! 6:30pm to 11pm: Shopping with Faye ~ Aug 11 ~ Beautiful costumes and belly dance accessories! 6:30 to 11pm
Fri Twin Peaks Extravaganza: Veil Dyeing Workshop with Telela Bowman ~ Aug 11 ~ $55 includes veil and all materials used in dyeing 7 to 9pm
Fri Twin Peaks Henna Lounge! ~ Aug 11 ~ Theme: Twin Peaks. Come in character if you like, or bring refreshments according to the theme. You are welcome to be comfortable! Informal belly dance gear or class wear, or even in your pajamas. This is a relaxed setting. RSVP is required. To get your name on the list, contact Jillanna 423.991.9555 9 to 11pm
Sat Twin Peaks Extravaganza Continues! ~ Aug 12 ~ Shopping with Faye: Beautiful costumes and belly dance accessories! 9 to 10am
Sat Twin Peaks Extravaganza Continues! ~ Aug 12 ~ SNAKE EYES: BURLESQUE NOIR CHOREOGRAPHY with Jillanna Babb, Tuition: $20 ~ Mesmerize with serpentine undulations from multiple directions, side to side, forward/back, twisted, internal, broken, redirected, and shimmified. Relish reptilian slithers and slides paired with muscular waves. Spice with quivers and powerful shimmies and cut with sudden directional shifts and accents that surprise and respect the rhythm. From fingers to toes we express the beauty of the snake in our movements and presence. Revel in voluptuous choreography and make the movements yours in the flesh. Reptiles welcome, but not necessary. The choreography includes choice of floor work or standing only. The music may be found on the 2017 Twin Peaks soundtrack: "Snake Eyes" by Trouble. 10am to Noon
Sat Twin Peaks Extravaganza Continues! ~ Aug 12 ~ Covering Twin Peaks ~ Easy techniques for covering costume bra cups. Yummy fabrics, sew-on jewels. Choose fabric/bra and decorations offered by Faye. Bring projects from home for trouble-shooting. Bring your own pin cushions, scissors, sewing needles, large safety pins, and thread. Capturing Twin Peaks: An ill-fitting bra is bad; an ill-fitting costume bra is a travesty! Brief overview of how to make and attach straps. Optimal placement of straps. 1 to 2:30pm
Sat Beginner Belly Dance: Wake up & Shimmy! ~ Aug 26 to Sept 16 ~ Special: 4 weeks/$20 10:30am
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